Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Storytelling challenge

Gemma Hannah is a magical storyteller who has set an Online Storytelling Challenge.

"Taking part is easy. Just listen to my telling of "Anansi and the Box of Stories', film yourself retelling it in your own words, then upload. At the end of the project I will edit together all the contributions to make one beautiful global story."

You can watch Gemma telling her story,  download the MP3 or download the written story on www.storyweb.co

This is a huge challenge to me and will help me to work towards two of my dreams

61, to improving my storytelling skills, and

70, feel comfortable infront of a camera.


Anyone care to join me?


  1. I'm in!

    ...but if two of these appear - apologies! I've just been cut off.

    I've just sat with a large glass of red and listened to Gemma...pure luxury for early Tuesday evening.... and I still have some of last night's dishes to go into the dishwasher (I work outside the home everyone...and I'm slovenly ;o)

    One of W's dancing teachers died, at a v young age, on Saturday. A little friend chose to spend time with us, instead of the family home. We spent the day simply....no music, tv, phones only when needed. We chatted, played, hugged, planted bulbs, drank wine and toasted, danced ...together. Although it was so heart-wrenching I can't even begin to put it into words, it was beautiful. Saturday, and this story-telling challenge, have prompted me to make another change....to keep simple pleasures and traditions alive. If for no other reason than for the generations, who follow, to have them to fall back on when they reach the saddest stops along their journey x

  2. Oh Ceri,

    Sending you all lots of love in a warm blanket of hugs. Take lots of time for yourselves xxxxx

    I'm so pleased you're going to join in with the storytelling challenge. As you say, it's such simple things that bring smiles