Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hearts Together

This photograph makes my heart ache inside, but smile with thankfulness from somewhere deep within.

Five months ago my gorgeous husband, at the very young age of 41 suffered a brain stem stroke.

The day before, we had celebrated his birthday at home with a party for family and friends. 
The suddenness of his awful condition was devastating to us all. He suffered from paralysis on his left hand side, affecting both his movement and his speech. 

In the hospital the amazing medical team were very open and frank. His condition was very serious, and after a further incident noted to have occurred on his brain while in the hospital a day later, the wonderful doctor took me aside and cried as she told me that the next 48 hours were critical.  

Our beautiful children were at his bedside when I noticed that his condition appeared to be worsening.  
The completely wonderful consultant, upon further investigation, confirmed that he had suffered another trauma. She suggested that I stay at the hospital to be with him. My mum was also invited to stay with us that night for my own support. We were moved to the room opposite the nurses station where a chair beside his bed became my base. 

This photograph was taken at on 24th May 2011 at 5am, following a very long and emotional night. As my lovely man had slept, I kept guard over him - waiting to fight whatever it was that was threatening to take him away from me. My mum and I cried and shared. We willed him with all our might to keep fighting, to beat this sorrowful experience. 

At 5am he finally opened his eyes to the day and for a moment we were able to share again the love that flowed between us. It is a moment I will remember forever and ever. So painful, yet so honest. Those few minutes were full of everything that had ever been between us, and whatever was still to come in our future.....

This picture gives me hope, for always