Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wishing Moon

What a difficult time we've had lately. 
So much has happened and we are all still spinning a little from the experiences.
A little friend of mine has been gently prompting me to come back to my 99 Dreams and Wishes and find the magic and inspiration within again. 
So, dipping my toes back in I am reminded of my list and the excitement and thrill it brings.

Yesterday was a Full Wishing Moon. We wrote wishes for ourselves, each other, and our friends and hung them on our Wishing Tree. The children whispered some of their more private wishes into the ear of our magical stone pixie. 

The moon hung behind the clouds for most of the evening, and although it was very wet and raining when we hung our wishes, the photos seem to show a beautiful sunny afternoon. 

It must be a sign.