Friday, 24 September 2010

Full Moon, Double Rainbow and a Goodbye

Yesterday was an emotional and tiring day spent with family at my paternal Grandmothers funeral.

Much of my day was wrapped up in memories and emotions, some still tangled up with the past, some more open and free.

I was prompted to revisit childhood relationships, my religious, social and spiritual beliefs. My mind explored my past and my present. My family. 

I discovered a beautiful woven web of history and character, a masterpiece of creation by myself and all of those who have impacted on my life.

Yesterday we all gathered together as family and friends for a special lady who had touched all of our lives. We all held her in our hearts for what she meant to us. We were united in our loss.

I was glad to pay my respects to a Grandmother who was a kind, generous, and loving woman. An inspiration for us all to follow.

On our drive home we saw the most beautiful double rainbow and of course, our lovely Full moon.

What beautiful symbols of God's creation and love .....

I was reminded of the children's song
"when you see a rainbow, remember God is love, when you see a rainbow remember God is love"

I am also reminded me of two more of my dreams and wishes, to search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and to choose my own funeral songs. Come on Sarah, chop chop!

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