Friday, 23 July 2010

Wishing Jars

Yesterday the children and I made Wishing Jars as gifts for their teachers. They looked beautiful and everyone had great fun making them. 

They had a jar for each recipient and filled it with an assortment of items, each representing a wish they had made for their teacher. We used buttons, tiny decorative pegs, flower beads, crochet trinkets and feathers. A butterfly was attached to the outside to look after all the wishes.
It was great fun dreaming up wishes for someone else. The girls decided on the wishes to make for their own teacher and then popped a list inside the jar with them on it. They also gave instructions on how to add more wishes to the jar.

A few of the wishes they made were:

have a great holiday

feel like a child again

meet new friends

have a surprise

feel brave like a lion

find a unique pair of shoes

have a day off.......

One of the girls wanted to wish for a lovely boyfriend/Prince Charming/to fall in love,  for her teacher but was embarrassed to write it on her list...... the wish was made though!

We also made a jar for ourselves. A beautiful large jar with some lovely wishes within it already. May they all come true......


  1. I'm off! Tears ahoy! FABULOUS!!! I shall be doing this v v soon
    Love you all sooooooooo much Kiss-es! xxxxxxx

  2. what a lovely idea, never heard of it before, thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Thanks Ceri and Pippa! We'll pop a wish for each of you into our jar tomorrow!

    Look forward to hearing about your own jars and wishes.

    Lots of love and wishes xxxxxxxxx

  4. Beautiful Sar- makes the gifts we gave our teachers last week seem very dull :P x

  5. I hope our teachers weren't disappointed though!

    We have always given them something that the children have made or grown. They get really excited and put a lot of thought into their gift so it becomes something special. I do have a bit of a 'rule' though - it must be something that I would like to receive myself -

    And I would love a gift like this!