Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Treasure every moment

There are two days left in the school term. Just two days with my smallest being at home as a pre-schooler - how does time fly? I'm looking forward to the summer break with the children and spending time with them all. It's so precious!

~My Dreams,
 (1) to write them all a special letter, and
 (2) to share my thoughts and memories with them about myself at their age:
I hope to have a deeper understanding of myself and also of each of my children in doing this.
I have many thoughts and ideas of what I would like to write to them already.

The way we communicate efficiently differs within our varied relationships.
My second daughter and I have a shared diary that we have been writing in for the last 18 months. She writes about her thoughts and feelings every day and I respond to her. She is able to write about anything  at all or ask me questions that maybe she didn't get an opportunity to ask during the day. It's an amazing thing to be able to do together and I feel blessed that we can communicate and have an extra bond between us which we may have missed without the diary.

Over time I have noticed that she is much more willing and able to vocalize her negative thoughts and feelings and I know that her diary has helped with this.

I pray that the lines of communication between us all will continue to remain open as time travels onwards.

Gratitude Today

1. My children have a lovely relationship with their grandparents - what could be better?

2. The kindness of my friend and a lovely swim for us all

3. Happy memories 

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