Monday, 19 July 2010

982 Days and not counting

An evening of merriment and chat last night led to me deciding on the final number 15 - a Murder Mystery Party! - Thanks Sonia

My love of mysteries and intrigue started with Enid Blyton way back when ..... and I had a desire from a young age to be a part of a murder mystery evening/weekend.

Ta-da! The time will be soon. I'm very excited. No details to be disclosed yet - it would be awful to ruin the surprises.

So there we are: 99 wishes and 982 days to go

Gratitude List for today

1. My husband working from home today - even though I wasn't at home for most of the day myself, just knowing he was there made me happy

2. The sun shining through the clouds again.

3. Friends for their smiles, laughs, and support


  1. I'm following away (even if I don't comment)....I'm so excited about your list....friends are great, aren't they? They can keep you busy with their lovely things when you're own life's a bit devoid (!!!!) I'm joining you in the gratitude bit & am determined to make it a life-long change x

  2. Thanks Ceri!

    I have been feeling so good about myself and about life in general since starting my list. I love having a gratitude diary. It has really been focusing my mind on what is good about life, from the very lovely obvious things, to the teeny tiny moments that make up my whole day.

    I am very grateful for you xx

  3. I'm off! Flood in the bedroom!
    Today's been a really bad day at work. I feel like Martin Luther King....I have a dream, but, sadly, a dream is all it seems to be at the moment and I can't get it sorted.
    So...I've come to have a look back on what you're grateful for, to try to change my thoughts towards me chilling into my days off. I've just found your comment - and I'm off! A good cry is probably much needed at the mo. Today I'm grateful for the lovely people in my life, my desire to be the best I can be for my clients (The child first and mantra for work) and for tears x

  4. If you get half a post elsewhere, It's because I was wine drinking (wa-hay!) and my computer decided to sneak an update on me....
    It said (or words to the effect.....)
    Giraffe Sar! (and everyone else!)'s been a good day! Today I'm grateful for
    1 A senior partner who values breastfeeding as much as I do and wants to support me in my efforts to promote it as the norm
    2 My 'young parents group'....I facilitated them in setting up their own group, with the help of the children's centre and, despite the fact that I've nagged them constantly, they want me to be a part of their group until they find themselves on firmer ground...I am a cool 'old' lady!!!! (unwittingly!!!!)
    3 wine, friends and modern share our woes and triumphs with :o)

    Good days are rare in my chosen profession....let's value and celebrate the rare occasions....particularly a day full of them!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh Ceri, that's fabulous! You are doing so well!

    I knew you'd still be here all these years later putting the 'child first and always'. I had every faith in you then, as I do now.

    You're brilliant!