Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Seven years

Another year has passed and I find myself looking back once more with sadness.

Time is a great healer....it is true, yet a heart remembers the wounds with a sharp memory and painful movement.

Seven years, we are told, is a natural cycle for so many things in our lives. The turning wheels of time come to a full revolution.

Every cell in my body has been renewed over the past seven years - I am led to believe -
Does this mean I am any different to the person I was? In many ways I am...

The blood which some kind soul had donated, helped my body to recover from a violent cycle of nature where my body had failed. I am forever grateful for this gift so precious. I was angry for the need my body had at the time - my body had failed in taking special care of a baby so small, had allowed it to fall from my womb so bitterly. I tried to cling with all my might, hold her tight, never let her go...but she was gone. 

Thank you to the selfless person who donated their blood that I may live now. 

My memories return also to the network of support I had around me seven years ago. My family, continously there for me.... My husband, my rock - he's still here today fighting for his fitness... How truly lucky are we as a family? 

Friends....I remember like yesterday the support and love I felt. My mind returns to these people with great fondness these last few days. They shared a special time with me, and my family, and I will hold a tender place for them in my heart forever. Ever grateful and with a strong emotional attachment. Some remain friends today, others I have lost touch with. Tonight, I remember them all, with love.....

As this seven year cycle draws to a close, I look forward to the next but will always look back, maybe now I can smile with fondness, the wisdom of experience and the space that time brings....

Thank you to all who helped and loved me. I wish you joy and peace tonight x

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