Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Love and Hearts

The school residential trip was a huge success for our daughter. She had an amazing time away and returned home with many happy stories and memories to last forever.

Our hospital appointment was  also a success -

We were very fortunate to find that two of the children's echos were entirely normal. The third one has a defect in the atrial septum which we have been advised to have closed.

Traveling home from the hospital I felt like I had had a huge blow to my body. Physically, I felt drained of all energy and utterly exhausted, unable to move and having to concentrate on breathing.

I cried and felt hollow - upset by so many emotions.

Over the following days we have worked our minds round to the logical positive mindset.

How amazing that we have been able to find out this information through such non-invasive testing.

It has been difficult to explain to the children, and obviously to the child with the positive result. It has been a balance between sharing all the information we know, with not allowing them to be scared or with a feeling of vulnerability. This is just the first step along the way, but what a huge leap it is.

This mechanical defect within such a precious organ, central to our life being, and also the symbol of love and humanity has been found and will be repaired before any major repurcussions due to it can occur.

How lucky are we??

Our fourth child will have her echocardiogram shortly and then we will begin to make our plans with the drs, who will once more help to 'patch up the holes' and allow us to get on with living our full lives.

Our children are incredible and we will support each other as only a family can - with exceptional love and all of our hearts

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  1. I've been reading last few posts. You have such a wonderful approach to life, an inspiration.
    I'm glad the school trip went well. I wish you all well for your fututre Dr's appointments and speady recovery for those in need.
    Thanks for sharing.