Friday, 13 August 2010

1000 paper cranes - 36 done!

We've just had the New Moon of August so plans for our next Full Moon celebration are underway.

This month we hope to spend it quietly with friends on the beach in Dorset

The children are excited about getting together with friends again and are talking about what plans they have for the month ahead. We are all recognising the advantages of focussing on the positives of our past, present and future - not always easy!

1000 Paper Cranes

The crane is a majestic bird which mates for life and is extremely loyal to its partner. The bird is strong, graceful and beautiful. Because of the great importance of the crane, the Japanese people feel that a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish.


We've been busy with origami for the past couple of days - I dreamt I was making paper cranes last night  - must surely be a sign of good fortune? 36 cranes made so far, just 964 to go. Yikes!
It's been lovely making them so far though. It's been very relaxing and the children and I have all sat around the kitchen table folding away. I'm making my 1000 on my own, rather than making a team effort. This has encouraged the children to make their own collection of folded objects. We've made some great little frogs which were good for racing, cups, wallets, boxes, butterflies as well as lots and lots of birds. It's really taken me back to my childhood. I used to spend hours and hours with one of my friends making little envelopes, tortoises, puppets and of course birds to fill our pencil cases with. I wonder if she would remember this? It is a memory I had forgotten about.


  1. what an inspirational mother you are! Your children are soooo lucky Sarah!

  2. OMG! How exciting! I thought that you had decided to do some mad (but interesting, nontheless...I'd still be's all good!!) origami folding of industrial machinery. Am LOVING this! I shall fold for my life (well, my wish, anyhow) Eeek! xx

  3. Must tell you.....I think you'll all be pleased....I was doing a clinic yesterday and I told a family about some of the things you'd all been doing as a result of 999. I was trying to assist that family to empower themselves and I was getting a little stuck, so i thought, 'well,telling them this - it's got two chances' - and it worked!!! "What a gorgeous ideas", they said, when I'd shared some of the stuff you'd been up to (keeping you all anon, of course ;o)and they've thought of some ideas of their own (I loved theirs too....and it's inspired me to make some changes here). How great is this?! The actions of one family affecting, so positively, the lives of another - just by inspiring their thought process. I was really proud of being a friend and fairy G'mum when I left them ....yay you!! x